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A Journey into Higher Consciousness
through Psychic Empowerment & Ascension
ONENESS, Spiritual & Personal Empowerment!

Reconnect to your DIVINE SELF

Activate and empower your Psychic Abilities of
Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience,
Claircognisance and more.
Learn how to use them in all aspects of your life.

12 CHAKRA Clearing, Balancing & Activating including the Soul Star,
Causal and Stellar Gateway chakras.

Metatron, (the Overseeing Light of Psychic Reiki™) is called on to help us reconnect to our spiritual power and learn how to use it to
bring glory to the Divine and make the world a better place.

For Dates of Workshops go to events page

Below is a Video Clip from a Psychic Reiki™ talk by Joanne dowsing the three Transpersonal Chakras, Causal, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway.
And using the Divine energy of Psychic Reiki tm to balance and energise them.



12 Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Activation CD


Available on Amazon for £11.99

Contact Joanne for digital download @ £5

+44(0)7731354476 email: jlmcm56@aol.com

Total Running Time 1hour17 mins

Transform the seven major chakras, activate and strengthen
the powerful Transpersonal Chakras & minor chakras.
Connect to the amazing Divine energy of Psychic Reiki™
Unite with your Divine Self, the Angels & Ascended Masters.
Archangel Metatron is called on to help us reconnect to our Spiritual Power.

Aligning your chakras is the key to unlocking deep life-force energy, and tapping into your psychic potential.

Every time you use this CD you will be connected to and benefit from the
amazing Divine energy of Psychic Reiki.
 This Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Activation exercise will not only transform
the seven major chakras within the physical body but also activate and
strengthen four powerful transpersonal chakras which exist
within your energy system, three of which exist outside of the physical body.
Other secondary chakras will also be activated and energised.
Continual, regular use of this CD and the Psychic Reik energy
may have an empowering and enhancing effect on all
of your psychic senses and intuitive abilities as wel
l as raising your vibration to that of the 5th dimension.
Every part of your being can benefit at a deep cellular level.
As you are enjoying the transformative energy you will also
benefit from the wealth of information that is presented to you on this CD.

Available on Amazon


Psychic Empowerment is about the awakening of your

consciousness to its hidden and neglected powers. 

This will add to your enjoyment and success in life.

Psychic Reiki like all Reiki systems is Divine energy

Clear and strengthen your connection to the Divine and “All that is”

Increase your ability to receive, recognise and
act upon the psychic information you receive

Removing anything that is blocking the way

Receive an influx of higher vibration energy to enter our system

Reawakening your innate psychic abilities

Restoring your trust iny our Divine selves

Transforming your life

If you are a therapist or healer Psychic Reiki™ can dramatically increase your intuitive awareness so that you can "connect" with the root cause
of your clients "issue" thus enhancing your ability to "Tune In" and target the areas of unease,distress etc and more quickly assist in their resolution.

This powerful system is overseen by the Psychic Reiki™ Guides working under the guidance of Ascended Master Metatron and Archangel Raphael.

Learn how to connect with Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters & Guides
 Receive Divine Guidance & Clarity

Develop intuitive self-guidance through
Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognisance,Guided Writing, Dowsing and more

Under the guidance of the Angelic Realms the Psychic Reiki attunements will raise your vibration to the Fifth Dimensional energies preparing you for the dramatic changes happening right now.

Powerful psychic attunements to open and expand your natural abilities.


Psychic Reiki™ enables us to use our intuition to make decisions
that are
right for us and to release us from repetitive patterns of behaviour.
Can we all develop our psychic Abilities? Yes!!
With the help of Psychic Reiki tm we can really start to follow our intuition,
our instincts, our feelings and perceptions.
We can connect with the Higher Realms; Angels, Archangels,
Ascended Masters & Guides receiving Divine Guidance & clarity.

It is a natural talent that we all can develop to transform our lives.


Some of the Benefits are:

• Reduces stress and stops unnecessary energy drains

• Increases your effectiveness at work

• Facilitates the decision-making processes

• Enhances your communication with others

• Advances your understanding of yourself

• Enriches your relationships

• Develops intuitive self-guidance

• Improve your health

• Releases fear based decision making processes taken on from parents and society

 This powerful system has been developed and is taught by Joanne as a response to requests from many people for self empowerment, love and clarity in their lives.


Psychic Reiki™ Level 1
including a FREE
12 Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Activation CD/ digital download, Manual & Certificate

Work with Archangel METATRON and the Psychic Reiki™ guides Bebub and Safriel.
Learn new techniques, meditations and exercises to increase your ability to become a clear intuitive channel. 

Co-Create with the help of the Higher Realms, Ascended Masters, Angels & Archangels.

Raise your vibration to the higher realms of the 5th Dimension.

Understand Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognisance and more.
12 Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Activating including the Soul Star, Causal and Stellar Gateway chakras
Clear your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies so that your intuitive gifts can activate and expand.
Make decisions based on Higher Guidance.
Produce harmony and balance in your complete being, the aura, chakras and physical body by eliminating Psychic Debris i.e. the thoughts, traumas and negative emotions that we have not dealt with or released.

Develop a deeper awareness of yourself, the people in your life and the events and experiences you have and their effects.

What is Psychic Reiki™ all about?
The Psychic Reiki™ Level 1 Attunements
The benefits of Psychic Reiki™
The source of Psychic Knowledge
The Importance of Being Grounded to our Psychic Abilities
Grounding and the Earth Star Chakra
Grounding Methods
Different Types of Psychic Abilities
Psychic Reiki™ Overseeing Light: Archangel METATRON
Psychic Reiki™ Guides, Bebub and Safriel
Our connection to the Universal Energy Field
Chakras involved in psychic communication
Introduction to the Soul Star, Causal and Stellar Gateway chakras
Psychic Reiki™ 12 Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Activating
Protection and Interacting with others
Supporting your Psychic Development
How to Receive Psychic Guidance
Using Psychic Reiki™ when giving Reiki treatments

This is a fully certified course.

All your tuition, attunements, manual, certificate and follow up support are included.


Psychic Reiki Level 2:£150
including FREE Psychic Empowerment & Higher Consciousness vol. 1CD/ digital download, Dowsing Pendulum,Laminated Charts, Quartz Crystal,
Manual & Certificate


Available on Amazon for £11:99

Contact Joanne
for digital download @ £5

At this level the strength of the signals will increase.
You will gain more clarity. Information will “down load” faster.
Your Therapy work will benefit from your increased clarity and ability to "Tune In" to your client

Course Outline:
Introduction to and practice with the powerful Psychic Reiki™ symbols.
Use the Psychic Reiki channel, guides and Higher Beings to increase your ability to channel HEALING energy of your self and others.
DOWSING:with charts to get more accuracy with psychic information.
Develop deeper psychic links.
Learn all about the Akashic Records,with METATRON
Remote Viewing, Psychometry & More.....
The different levels of consciousness and their importance.
Connect with Archangels, your Guides and Power Animals.

Experience a greater and more powerful opening in your transpersonal Chakras

Connect with the elementals and powerful earth energies.
Connect with the Divine Realms through the Psychic Reiki™ energy, symbols, Guides and Power Animals.
Open powerful channels to work with the Angels, Archangel Raphael and Metatron.

Deep Meditations and powerful exercises to ground, centre, expand and connect with the Divine Intelligence of the earth. Powerful attunements to connect with the Higher vibrational energies and bring through more Divine Light. Getting to know ourselves and what we really want.
Bringing a much more profound awareness to everything we do, everything we believe and who we really think we are.

Clearing and reprogramming the subconscious thoughts and beliefs that are stopping us achieving what we
really want on all levels, health, relationships, work, family, home and play.

Using the Psychic Reiki™ energy, symbols and Guides to powerfully facilitate these processes.

Using dowsing with charts and a pendulum to answer specific questions and obtain clearer guidance from specific sources and through specified channels.



(Advanced Light Worker)
£175 including FREE Psychic Empowerment CD vol. 2/ digital download, Manual & Certificate

Available on Amazon for £11:99

Contact Joanne for digital download @ £5



Healing with Archangel Raphael, Divine Mother & the Healing Symbol Zerpha

Meditation Symbol: Uniall

Earthbound Spirit Release, clear home & place of work

Spirit attachment Release

Automatic writing/Guided Writing to create your LIFE PLAN

Meditation to connect with Bebub and Safriel

Guardian Angels and Guides
Feeling the Presence of your Angel Guides
Communicating with Archangels, Ascended Masters and Guides

How to See& Sense Spirit Guides, Power Animals & Angels

Create Clear and Powerful Chakras

The Psychic Reiki™ Power Animals & Shamanic Journeying

Symbols and Psychic Guidance

Dreams, Psychic Awareness and Divine Guidance

Includes: Psychic Reiki™ Advanced Attunement

Meditations, exercises and invocations.

Angelic guidance through dowsing


Clearing and reprogramming subconscious beliefs that are blocking you on all levels

abundance, prosperity, spiritual growth, health, relationships, work, family, home and play.

(Content may change depending on Guidance.)


Psychic Reiki™ Level 4 Master £210
( Ascension Master)


A Journey into Higher Consciousness
Astral Travel & Remote Viewing
Psychic Reiki™ Master Symbol
Psychic Reiki™ Overseeing Light: Archangel METATRON
The Akashic Records, enter the Hall of Records
Scanning DNA & Cellular Structure to return your body to your Soul Blueprint
as held in your records in the Halls of Amenti
Clearing and Realigning the Male and Female aspects of our being
Send Past Life Personalities of your spirit into the Light.
Sacred Geometry
Flower of Life & the Tree of Life
Metatron’s Cube
The Merkabah & Connecting to other Dimensions and Higher Levels of Consciousness
Merkabaha Activation to explore higher levels of consciousness
The dysfunctional affect of negative subconscious programming
BALANCING POLARITY &  “Lightening Up” Exercises
Cleanse with St Germaine’s Violet Flame

    Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945): clairvoyant healer, psychic, medium, devout Christian and prophet,) said that psychic awareness is of the soul and that these abilities are possible only because each of us has an immortal, creative core: a spiritual "body."

One of Cayce's most succinct definitions of psychic development is simply
"the development of the spiritual body".
From Cayce's perspective, the true source of psychic powers is God.
"Psychic awareness is of the soul" also points to our purposes and intentions.
The deepest and most authentic part of us (our soul) has a commitment to love and oneness.

Therefore, psychic abilities naturally come forth as an expression of our oneness, of our connections with “All that is”; the Divine.
What's more, we can expect psychic talents to strengthen as we make a commitment with our conscious selves to be more loving and spiritual.
Our focus should be on the abiding presence of Spirit within and surrounding ourselves.

He also believed that there are certain "rules of living" that have to be followed in order to get the desired results.
“So live in body, in mind, that self may be a channel through which the Creative Forces (God) may run." He goes on to recommend a specific attitude toward life - one in which psychic ability becomes the natural by product of a willingness to have God work through us to help others.



Train to become a fully qualified Psychic Reiki™ TEACHER

Accredited Teacher Training Course

Students must have completed Psychic Reiki levels 1, 2, Advanced and Master levels

Arrange a date!


phone +44(0)2871810035 

Whats App  +44(0)7731354476 



Psychic Reiki™ Teacher Programme £650.00
(Can be paid by instalments)

An individual consultation
A training workshop including practical experience of giving attunements
and supervised teaching practice.
Attend as many of Joannes workshops as an observer
and assistant teacher as you wish.

A Comprehensive Teachers Folder including complete guidelines in detail
for teaching each level of workshop
Bullet Point, Workshop Outlines that are easy to follow for every class
from Level 1 to Master level and guidelines for
Psychic Reiki™ refresher evenings and talks
All the exercises and meditations that you need for every class.
A Powerpoint Presentation for every class
already prepared for you to use.
Digital copies of complete student manuals for every level

The12 Chakra CD to support your students available
at a reduced price to you as their teacher and as a digital download.


Course Content
The course is designed to give you the expertise
and skills to run your Business and facilitate
groups in a professional manner.

Empower you with the confidence to organise and run Psychic Reiki™ workshops.
Enable you to help and support both Psychic Reiki groups and individual clients.
Give you a comprehensive framework for delivering Psychic Reiki™ workshops.
Learn how to effectively communicate and develop professional communication skills.
Related support skills e.g. Power Point Presentation skills.
Learning, listening and teaching skills
Preparation to teach and manage workshops
Presentation skills
Training aids
Health and safety
Group dynamics
Managing difficult or disruptive behavior
The topics covered include

How to structure and prepare for Psychic Reiki workshop
Leading exercises to understand, strengthen and benefit from our psychic senses
Connecting with Metatron the Psychic Reiki™ Overseeing Light, Archangel Raphael and the Psychic Reiki™ Angels, Bebub and Safriel
Advanced methods of communicating with Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters
How to lead healing initiations with Archangel Raphael and the Psychic Reiki Angel Guides
Psychic Reiki Power Animals
Opening and closing ceremonies
How to give the Psychic Reiki™ Attunements at all levels
The importance of being grounded and centered
Creating a safe environment

The teacher and the teaching space
Confidentiality and safe sharing
Grounding and Protection
Health and Safety Issues
Meditations and visualisations

Preparation required and their importance
Leading group visualisations and meditation
Setting up activities

Drawing symbols/pictures
Keeping things interesting. The benefit of using a variety of teaching methods and styles

Teaching Outcomes

This course will enable you to:-

Facilitate your own Psychic Reiki™ Workshops in a professional manner
Create and manage a safe teaching and learning environment
Use a broad range of exercises and teaching methods to support your students
Empower others to enhance their use of their psychic senses to connect with the Higher vibration energies, Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters


Psychic Reiki tm Teacher Testimonial

: "Dear Joanne, I am so enjoying teaching Psychic Reiki tm. Each time I take a class the knowing gets a little more. I've taught up to level 3 several times now. I've found the zerpha symbol with Raphael particularly helpful for myself as I found the time running up to Xmas very emotional and I could feel old layers peeling away. It's also been wonderful to see and hear back from students in their journeys with PR and just how transformative it is. I remember you saying at the Ramada show how during your talk you felt just complete unconditional love. I remember one of the classes I had after that there was a tangible energy came into the room. It made everyone quiet. And that's what it was,Unconditional love. Getting these glimpses has been amazing and I am truly grateful to you. I find now the energy of PR, and the archangels are weaving their way into my reiki practice - of course with me but also with clients. I am very aware of stepping back and just letting the energy do what it needs to do." Ruth



Psychic Reiki Testimonials

“Thank you for the most enjoyable weekend of my life. The whole experience was out of this world. Every time I receive a new attunement I feel so great and so complete I thought this was the best I'd ever feel and things couldn't get any better. How wrong I was!!! The Psychic Reiki Attunements are something else, they’re wonderful. It’s hard to find the words to explain just how wonderful I feel right now. For the first time in my life I now notice the true value of nature in every respect of the word. I feel really connected and see the true value of all. I appreciate everything I have so much more now and I thank Mother Earth for all I have. I'm so grateful to you Joanne I can't thank you enough. I'm looking forward to the next workshop.
Yvonne, Sligo

“The Psychic Reiki attunement was lovely. It was very moving. I had my first psychic experience a month later when a client came for a treatment. Thank you so much and I can’t wait for the next one.” Denise, Reiki Master, Strabane

" I really enjoyed today. As usual manual and training excellent. It has been six years since I got my first attunement from you and as you know my life has changed for the better, forever.
Thank you." Denise


"Very powerful workshop.
Thank you for your guidance,
patience and warmth." Paula


"Hi Joanne, thank you so much for the workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed it and you are a fabulous teacher, explaining things and giving everyone a chance. Love Blessings Joy and Peace to you and yours..".
Margaret Lynch


“Thank you for a great Psychic Reiki™ workshop. I was surprised at the clearing that has happened for me since receiving the symbols. They are very powerful.” Geraldine, Donegal